Online Tax Payment

Online Tax Payment Instructions:

  1. Click on the Online Tax Payment Wizard link below (bottom of the page).
  2. On the left side of the page under Online Payments, click Current Tax Payment.
  3. On the next screen they’ll be able to search by: Name, Address of the Parcel, or by Parcel Number

**Once the correct parcel is selected, it will show how much is owed and they will click on the Pay Summer Taxes button right next to the Amount Paying column and they will follow the steps from the next screen.

Convenience Fee Pricing: (charged by Point & Pay, not the township…)

Credit / Debit – 3%

Electronic Check (authorization to take right out of their own bank account, checking or savings) –

$3.00 up to $10,000

$10.00 over $10,000

Direct Link to Municipal Home:

Online Tax Payment Wizard: